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How Antoine Hunter Teaches an Urban Jazz Center-Phrase With Sign Language

In Antoine Hunter’s jazz class, students inevitably pick up sign language just by virtue of being his student. Though he doesn’t typically incorporate ASL into his class combos, this dynamic phrase, which is one of his favorites, includes four signs: “heart,” ” re,” “gone” and “deaf.” How Antoine Hunter Teaches an Urban Jazz Center-Phrase With […]

Watch How to Teach a Countertechnique Tripod

The tripod (demonstrated by LizAnne Roman Roberts) is one of the more standard Countertechnique tools, designed to challenge the body to maintain dynamic balance while multitasking through multiple trajectories. Aptly named, the tripod works in three different directions: as the lower body moves down, the upper body moves up and back, eventually spiraling into an […]

Francesca Harper Teaches an Inverted Grand Rond de Jambe

Taught by Francesca Harper and demonstrated by Naya Lovell, this step borrows from William Forsythe’s quest to take classical movement vocabulary and deconstruct the shapes created. “Let the momentum at the top of the développé carry you,” says Harper, “and see how your body intuitively has its own response.” Francesca Harper  founded her own company, […]

How to Teach a Développé Effacé Into Arabesque

Stepping into arabesque from développé effacé is tricky, says Kelly Slough of Mark Morris Dance Center, because it involves “that moment of truth”: changing weight from one leg to the other in one movement. To make that transition easier, Slough encourages dancers to complete the weight shift as quickly and confidently as possible­—as counterintuitive as […]

Watch How to Teach a Table Lay With Transfer

This partnering move is all about the weight transfer, say Chris and Lauren Grant. “It’s not about Hulk-Hoganing someone,” says Lauren. The flyer and base must keep their hips together throughout, so that the weight of the flyer can pour gently onto the thighs of the base, rather than just dumping. Christopher and Lauren Grant […]