Francesca Harper Teaches an Inverted Grand Rond de Jambe
November 27, 2018

Taught by Francesca Harper and demonstrated by Naya Lovell, this step borrows from William Forsythe’s quest to take classical movement vocabulary and deconstruct the shapes created. “Let the momentum at the top of the développé carry you,” says Harper, “and see how your body intuitively has its own response.”


Currently Francesca Harper can be seen singing jazz at the McKittrick Hotel as part of Sleep No More. She founded her own company, The Francesca Harper Project, in 2005, and was the casting and movement director for Nick Cave’s The Let Go at the Park Avenue Armory. Harper is an Urban Bush Women Choreographic Fellow, developing an autobiographical work in process titled My Story: An Unapologetic Body.

She teaches acting at the Susan Batson Studio, and she and Batson formed their own film production company, called BetterMind Productions. She is artistic director for the Movement Invention Project, adjunct professor at NYU and teacher for the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program and The Ailey School.

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