How Hip-Hop Teacher Robin Dunn Teaches a "Sexy Walk"
September 4, 2018

Robin Dunn loves to teach the sexy walk in her beginner hip-hop classes, because it’s a basic step, yet students can put their own mark on it. Two key things to remember: Maintain a light bounce and relax the upper body throughout. “Another key thing? Put your personality into it,” says Dunn.

Robin Dunn is a teacher, choreographer and coach, based in New York City. She has choreographed for Missy Elliott, Jennifer Holliday, “Saturday Night Live” and “Sesame Street,” among others, and served as director of Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. She has taught at Broadway Dance Center, The Ailey School, New York University, Hunter College, University of Wisconsin—Madison and Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts. She is currently on faculty at the Ailey Extension and Steps on Broadway and developed the F.A.C.E. method, an acronym for Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy and Eye Contact, designed to enhance performance for artists and business professionals alike.

Caleb Smith is a hip-hop dancer and student at The Ailey School.

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