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Watch and Learn a Bournonville Grand Jeté With Peter Brandenhoff

Here The Ailey School’s Peter Brandenhoff teaches Bournonville style, marked by its use of épaulement and quick footwork. Brandenhoff explains that at the peak of the grand jeté, it should look as if the torso is sitting atop the legs, unaffected, and the narrow second position of the arms should be presentational—like you’re “giving a […]

How Deanna McBrearty Teaches a Soutenu

The soutenu is a basic step often used in choreography as a transition between turning sequences or before more virtuosic movements. In class, Deanna McBrearty concentrates on the step’s coordination. Deanna McBrearty grew up in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, before studying at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and the School of American Ballet. She joined New York City […]

"Like Making an Omelet" Is How Espen Giljane Describes This Classic Ballet Movement

When Espen Giljane teaches rond de jambe en dehors, the accent is always in second position, not to the front—and it’s the same for en dedans. For the double rond de jambe on count 4, he describes the movement as two half-size circles around second position. “It’s like whisking an egg with your leg,” he […]

WATCH and Learn a Giordano Jazz Combination

This sequence takes dancers through several foundational poses of the Giordano jazz technique. These positions aren’t stagnant—they flow together with continuous energy. Nan Giordano stresses that the dancer’s powerful gaze is quintessential to authentic technique. “That’s my dad’s look—the Giordano eyes,” she says. “All the intensity comes through the eyes, focusing and imagining, but not […]

How This Contemporary Choreographer Teaches Indian Folk Dance

In garba, be-thali (pronounced “beh-tahlee”) is the basic step used to travel around the circle counterclockwise and clockwise. Be-thali translates to “two clap.” (The phrase in its entirety is a daudiyu, which loosely translates to “running step.”It includes multiple steps, like two-clap, three-clap, pivots and turns that are linked as the dancer travels around the […]

How Peridance Capezio Center's Ms. Vee Teaches This Standard Popping Move

The twist-o-flex is a standard popping move in which you divide your body into three sections and turn each section individually. Although you can rotate in any order, Ms. Vee’s variation of twist-o-flex rotates the lower body (hips and feet) first, then the head and finally the upper body (shoulders, ribs and arms). “It’s kind […]

The Ailey School's Karen Arceneaux Teaches Horton's Lateral Ts

The lateral T is a hallmark of Horton technique. When executed correctly, the body resembles the letter T: The torso tilts to 90 degrees, and the opposite leg extends for counterbalance. For a more advanced version of this staple movement, Karen Arceneaux has students continue tilting past 90 degrees to create a low lateral T […]

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