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President Joanna Harp: [email protected]

Content Director Caitlin Sims: [email protected]

Editor in Chief Reanne Rodrigues: [email protected]

Account Executive, DanceTeacher+ Alana Morgenstern: [email protected] 

Creative Director Raymond Mingst: [email protected]

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Managing Editor Lydia Murray: [email protected]

Senior Consulting Editor Amy Brandt: [email protected]

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Assistant Editor Kyra Laubacher: [email protected]

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Contact editorial director Reanne Rodrigues at [email protected]. For pitches, please include a detailed description of your story idea and why it’s right for Dance Teacher’s audience. If you are pitching the idea as a freelance writer, please include 2–3 links to your previously published work. If we choose to move forward with your pitch, a member of our editorial team will be in touch to discuss further details, including our fees and terms. Please note, our organization does not conduct investigative reporting and recommends contacting a news outlet equipped with the appropriate resources for stories of that nature.