How LeeWei 
Chao Teaches a Piqué Arabesque

How LeeWei Chao Teaches a Piqué Arabesque

The piqué arabesque is a ballet staple that looks deceptively simple. At Alonzo King LINES Dance Center, LeeWei Chao uses the image of standing on the edge of a cliff to inspire correct alignment, emphasizing a strong supporting side so that dancers avoid tilting and...

What My Teacher Taught Me: Michael Montgomery

While finishing his degree at the Alonzo King LINES Ballet/Dominican University BFA Program, Michael Montgomery was asked to join the company. In his initial rehearsals, he learned to speak up—and how to push his limits. “At first, I got caught up in trying to please...

Face to Face: All the Possibilities

A conversation with choreographer Alonzo King Alonzo King recently celebrated his 30th anniversary as a force in the San Francisco dance community and beyond. Since founding Alonzo King LINES Ballet in 1982, his undulating and often philosophical contemporary ballets...

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