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Project 21 Owner Molly Long on Creating a Powerhouse Competition Dance Studio

When Molly Long first began Project 21, she was committed to doing things her way. Eight years and a dominant competition studio later, it seems her instincts were spot-on. Long was born into the dance world; her mother owned a studio called California Dance Academy in Orange County, California. Her aunt also taught at the […]

After 20 Years, National Dance Showcase Knows That Flexibility Is the Name of the Competition Game

For any small business, reaching the 20-year milestone is a huge accomplishment—and one that requires ample amounts of passion, devotion and industry expertise. For National Dance Showcase, meeting this landmark anniversary not only required these things in spades, it also drew on hefty doses of flexibility and innovation, too.  Sonia Pennington, as the executive director […]

National Dance Honors Is Bringing You New Opportunities to Shine this Summer

If you’re looking to stand out, make friends, and become an even more dazzling dancer, National Dance Honors has you covered. Since 2017, NDH has been the annual event to culminate comp season with a bang after its sister tours, Adrenaline Dance Inc. and Revive Dance Convention. Nearly five years after NDH’s inception, it has become one of the summer’s most […]

Adrenaline Dance Convention Is Bringing Its Dance Family to You

Is your heart racing? We know why. Adrenaline Dance is returning for its 19th season, and it’s ready to bring the excitement of its live dance convention/competition experience to a city near you. The Adrenaline team believes that growth occurs in the classroom, and that’s why delivering the best convention classes with leading professional faculty—including Nick Palmquist, Sonya Tayeh […]

Revive Dance Competition’s Biggest Season Yet Kicks Off November 5

The customer-experience journey—that is, each touchpoint a family might have with a studio—will of course be unique to your school, but the baseline formula probably cycles like this: A potential family learns about your business via word-of-mouth or advertising; they undergo a decision-making process, which leads to enrollment; and, hopefully, they become returning students and brand ambassadors, providing word-of-mouth advertising to other potential studio families.

3 Stress-Reducing Exercises to Give Your Students Before Going Onstage

The pressure young dancers feel to succeed at competition can lead to unhealthy stress levels that take the fun out of performing. To help your students feel calm, cool and collected before dancing, teach them these three stress-reducing exercises to do before going onstage. Trust us, learning how to manage anxiety will benefit your dancers […]