Revive Dance Competition’s Biggest Season Yet Kicks Off November 5
Sponsored by Revive Dance Competition/Convention
July 19, 2021

Revive Dance Competition and Convention is returning for its sixth (and largest!) season yet with their “Discover the Difference” national tour. What started as an offshoot of Adrenaline Dance has firmly established itself as a unique dance competition/convention experience for dancers to grow as artists. Revive’s mission is to connect up-and-coming teachers with the next generation of dancers, allowing these professional performers to continue to flourish in their dance careers, while also honing their skills as educators.

After over a year of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, Revive’s teachers and staff are more motivated than ever to provide young dancers with a safe and supportive environment to dance together.

Revive celebrates dance’s power to unite people across the country. “Each city on tour feels like home,” jazz teacher Merissa Gassel says. “To see these dancers grow together, share their passion and form friendships each weekend is most rewarding.”

Photo by Dizzy Graham, courtesy Revive

Revive Dance Convention’s unique scheduling style is also making its return this season. Revive takes the typical dance comp/convention format and flips it—rather than taking classes during the day and competing late into the night, Revive hosts its competition in the morning and classes in the evening. This gives dancers a rare opportunity to showcase their talents prior to taking convention classes, and allows them to perform at their best at the start of the day.

In addition to familiar tour stops in Detroit and Orlando, Revive is taking its team of dedicated dance educators to some brand-new locations this season. For the first time in its history, Revive is visiting Columbia, SC, San Francisco and Las Vegas, and they’re eager to see the talent these new places have to share.

Kicking off in Atlanta, GA, this year’s “Discover the Difference” tour promises to be Revive’s most exciting season yet. Visit before registration opens on August 16 to learn more.

Photo by Dyson Campbell, Courtesy Revive

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