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How Sabrina Ellison Gets the Golden State Warriors Dance Teams Performance-Ready

The Golden State Warriors’ dance team director Sabrina Ellison has spent most of her life in the professional dance team ecosystem. From the National Basketball Association to the National Football League and Major League Baseball, she has brought joy, enthusiasm, and ultra-precise choreography to adoring sports fans. Through her commitment to this niche area of […]

University of South Carolina's Lindsay Sprague Teaches a Dance-Team Trick

It’s nearing 5 pm on a Sunday in February, and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” reverberates through University of South Carolina’s volleyball gym, where the Carolina Girls dance team is rehearsing a Nationals routine. What’s most striking isn’t the dancers’ radiating energy or the team’s precise unanimity. Instead, it’s the complexity of the choreography—the weaving formations, transitions, […]

The Internet Actually Can’t Handle This Insane Royal Family Routine

Parris Goebel‘s Royal Family is just operating on a different level. The crazy-good dance crew, which has been at the top of the competitive hip-hop scene for what feels like a century, was recently invited to give a guest performance at Hip Hop International New Zealand Nationals. And the routine they brought—choreographed by Goebel herself—was […]

Win It! Sweethearts of the Gridiron

Director Chip Hale’s documentary dives into the history and modern relevance of the Kilgore College Rangerettes, the original precision dance team that pioneered modern football halftime entertainment. Produced by Overton Films, the 90-minute film looks at the current state of the Rangerettes organization, and reveals the inner emotions of “Hopefuls” as they work towards their […]

Forever Young

Under visionary artistic director Jodi Maxfield, the Brigham Young University dance team opens doors for career-minded dancers. Director Jodi Maxfield with Brigham Young University dance team the Cougarettes When Jodi Maxfield first took the field alongside her fellow Brigham Young University Cougarettes in the late 1970s, their style exemplified that of many dance teams during […]