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5 Plant-Based Snacks for Your Dance Bag

The benefits of adding plants to your plate are vast. Whether you’re a vegan or vegetarian (or neither), plant-based snacks can offer a unique mix of enriching ingredients without compromising nutrition or flavor. With a focus on balance and practicality, your snacks should be easily accessible and digestible for easy refueling on intense dance-teaching days. […]

5 Superfoods for Summer, Fall, and Beyond

As we move into the fall, building an eating plan that supports your teaching schedule is fundamental. Seasonal superfoods are known to be rich in a plethora of nutrients that support immunity and vitality. But are these options worth the buzzy headlines? And if so, how can dance educators access their benefits? While deemed nutrient-dense, […]

The Dance Teacher’s Fueling Plan for Audition Season

Dance teachers are on the frontline of a dancer’s journey through audition season. Celebrating successes, navigating rejections, and formulating backup plans are just some of the responsibilities that many educators experience alongside their dancers. But audition season is also a vulnerable time for dancers who may be feeling, more than ever, the pressures of an […]

Are Dancers at Greater Risk of Disordered Eating During the Shutdown?

As we spend more time at home and less in the studio, many aspects of our routine simply aren’t up to us. In the midst of COVID-19–related shutdowns, some dancers may be struggling with their relationship to food, whether they’re feeling guilty about stress eating or are developing dangerous disordered eating behaviors, such as restricting […]

Combating Cramps: Simple Ways to Prevent and Relieve Pesky Muscle Spasms

Miami City Ballet corps de ballet dancer Christina Spigner has always suffered from foot cramps. But the problem was especially troublesome during the company’s 13-show run of Ballet Imperial, a hallmark of Balanchine’s demanding choreography. “We’re onstage for such a long time and not just standing and posing, but doing a lot physically,” says Spigner. […]

Fall Fruit Finds

Now that fall has arrived, there are some fabulous fruits in season. Here’s what they can do for a dancer’s diet. Portable and delicious, apples are full of fiber. One medium-size apple provides nearly 20 percent of the USDA’s recommended daily fiber intake. Pears are best eaten when soft to the touch. In October, they’re […]

Beat the Bloat

In our May issue’s Health column we share some of the prime culprits for bloating. Don’t get caught in an uncomfortable situation in class. Beat the bloat. Eating too quickly or too much can cause gas and bloating, and so can certain types of foods. Many foods that make your insides gurgle are good for […]