3 Questions You Should Ask When Buying Mirrors for Your Studio
August 6, 2019

There are a lot of things to think about when creating your studio space—floors, waiting-room furniture, wall decor, stereos, lighting, and perhaps most overlooked, mirrors. Your dancers will spend most of their time staring at themselves in those bad boys, so you better be sure they’re super-awesome!

But where to start? Most of us aren’t mirror experts—we’re dance experts!

Never fear, Dance Equipment International principal Joe Reinke is here to share three questions studio owners should be asking suppliers before they buy.

1. What are these mirrors made of?

“There are different types of mirrors than just glass mirrors. In fact, glassless mirrors have been growing in popularity at dance studios for quite some time now. They’re made of a durable film that makes them safer for your studio. They’re UL listed, which means they’re fire retardant, they’re very lightweight and they can’t shatter. Beyond safety, these mirrors are more reflective than a regular mirror.”

2. How is the quality of these mirrors?

“You can tell the quality of a mirror based on the reflection you see in it. If there is waviness, or it’s not very clear, it’s a poor-quality mirror. You don’t want your dancers looking into something with distortion. It shouldn’t feel like a funhouse. Ask to see the mirror in person, or request that they send you a mirror sample so you can see what you are getting into.”

3. Are these mirrors easy to install and take down?

“Whether you’re mounting the mirrors on your wall, or bringing in a mirror on a rolling stand, you want to get something that’s easy to install. You also want to make sure that you buy something that can easily be taken down so that you don’t ruin the walls if you move locations.”

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