Ask the Experts: How Do I Keep My Competition Team Motivated Right Now?
July 30, 2020

The first e-mail that we sent out talked about how the studio would be closed for two weeks and everyone should be practicing social distancing and staying healthy and well. We recorded some YouTube classes for all the recreational levels as well as some “boot camp” and warm-up classes for our full-time and part-time comp teams to stay in shape.

As April approached and it looked like we would be staying closed longer, we started sending out the competition rehearsal videos for the numbers we’d been working on before closure. We also signed up and paid for CLI online classes. Once we registered as a studio, our dancers were able to take advantage of all the CLI online classes at no charge, and we encouraged them to dance and take class every day. We made the decision that no monthly fees or any other type of payment would be charged until we were back in the studio running classes again.

We also put out daily challenges for each week: Move It Mondays, TikTok Tuesdays, etc. We have had Zoom chats to check in with each level of our competitive teams. Talking to all our dancers made all of us feel better, and hopefully the dancers felt better, as well. We continue to post new classes and challenges on social media and YouTube, and we send an e-mail weekly. There is a famous quote that we’re keeping in mind: “Life is 10 percent what happens and 90 percent how we handle it.”

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