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Seeing Red: What Dance Teachers Can Do to Keep Their Tempers in Check

The job description of a dance educator goes far beyond what happens in the studio. Dance teachers are also called on to be artists, choreographers, casting directors, customer service managers, career coaches, employees, or employers, and the list goes on. Each of these duties is rife with opportunities for frustration and anger to creep in. […]

Letter From the Editor: Honoring AAPI Voices This May

Dear DT+ Community, The school year is nearly over. And with recitals and end-of-year performances looming large, now’s the perfect time to take a step back from the chaos and make sure you’re viewing students’ needs—and your own—holistically. May is both National Mindfulness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. To that end, we’re bringing you […]

5 Ways Dance Studio Clients Have Changed Since COVID

Since the pandemic emerged, your customers have had to adapt over and over again. Here’s what to know about how they’ve changed—and how to meet their new needs. The pandemic has had an outsized impact on dance and business. Through lockdowns, cancellations, vaccinations and transformations, everyone in the dance industry has been affected—including your customers.  […]

A Protective Mental Hygiene Regimen for Dance Educators and Studio Owners

Working with young people can be incredibly stressful. As a dance teacher, you might often take on a lot of the emotional burdens of your students, so it’s extremely hard to proactively take a step back and consider how you’re feeling on a day-to-day basis.  But practicing self-care is essential. Because when you make your mental […]

Dear Teachers: It's OK to Grieve Your Recital

As dance studios all over the world began to close, teachers scrambled to support their students and transition dance education—seemingly overnight—online. You’ve likely spent some sleepless nights worrying about your students, stressing over how to make their living-room barre impactful, or staring bleary-eyed at Zoom trying to prepare for class the next day. Much concern […]

These Exercises Will Help Dance Teachers Quiet Their Inner Critic

Dance teachers are just as apt to fall into the trap of perfectionism and self-criticism as the students they teach. The high-pressure environment that is the dance world today makes it difficult to endure while keeping a healthy perspective on who we truly are. To help you quiet your inner critic, and by extension set […]

Tough Not Rough: Show Your Dancers Compassion Without Compromising Teaching Standards

While the days of slapping students’ legs with a cane have become part of (recent) history in dance training, a “leave it at the door” mentality persists in many studio settings. But when a student enters the studio, they come as an entire person, with all the shades of complexity that entails—especially in their years […]

What the Dance World *Still* Gets Wrong About Mental Illness

Don’t let her sizeable Instagram following or willingness to speak publicity about living with anxiety, depression and autism give you the wrong idea. “My speaking out about it does not mean it’s easy or fun,” says dancer Sydney Magruder Washington. “It means I’m not ashamed and you shouldn’t be either.” And though (thankfully) open conversations […]