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Try Mindfulness During Mealtimes to Support Your Relationship With Food

Mindful eating is making its rounds through wellness spaces as an option for anyone looking to build supportive mealtime habits. It might seem straightforward, but the approach takes major effort. As a technique, mindful eating helps to build a mind–body connection between you and your food. There are many instances when this practice can support […]

These Exercises Will Help Dance Teachers Quiet Their Inner Critic

Dance teachers are just as apt to fall into the trap of perfectionism and self-criticism as the students they teach. The high-pressure environment that is the dance world today makes it difficult to endure while keeping a healthy perspective on who we truly are. To help you quiet your inner critic, and by extension set […]

Mindfulness for Less Stress

You know that feeling you get right before the curtain goes up—palms sweating and your heart pounding? Stress often accompanies performance, but it needn’t be debilitating. In a recent study, mindfulness meditation—actively tuning in to the body and breath in a still position—proved helpful in reducing stress reactions in athletes. Scientists measured the stress levels […]