A School-wide Dance Residency Done Right

A School-wide Dance Residency Done Right

What would your ideal one-day residency look like? Last summer, when Masankho Banda notified me he would be in Chicago, I started dreaming of what a residency day with him could be for all students, not just the dancers, at Wheeling High School in Illinois.From Malawi...

This After-School Dance Program Makes Math Accessible—and Cool

Dancers in SHINE demonstrate mathematical concepts with their bodies. MIT graduate and dancer Kirin Sinha is using movement to teach math to middle school girls. She created the after-school program SHINE, not only to help students understand concepts—using movement...

BalletX's Dance eXchange Changes Lives

Watch these kids, but more importantly, watch the teachers! The first thing you’ll notice in this video is how many children are dancing. And if you’re like me, the next thing you’ll see is all the teachers (in orange and blue) who are on the floor, dancing full-out...

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