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Letter from the Editor: On Preserving and Protecting the Legacy of Dance

Dear DT+ Community,  Among the many joys we experience as dance educators, it’s the ability to instill in our students a deeper meaning and appreciation for the art form, that is perhaps most fulfilling. That’s why I’m so excited for you to read this month’s feature on how master hula teachers known as “Kumu Hula” […]

Back-Row Blues: How to Deal With Emotions Over Spacing Choices and Onstage Placement

Spacing students in formations for a recital number, corps de ballet ensemble or competition routine can be like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Not only do you need to make sure every student is seen, but you also need to account for what best serves the piece choreographically. Whether it’s considering your students’ confidence, stage presence, […]

Ask the Experts: Should We Do Separate Recitals for Comp and Recreational Dancers?

Q: Our recitals are too long when we have both competition and recreational dancers performing, so I’m considering having two separate performances. Do you have any advice on how to do this without creating drama? A: If you get a reputation in the community for long shows, it can have a negative impact on attracting […]

5 Costume Complications and Their Surprisingly Simple Solutions

Kim Pelliccia has seen her share of costume-related emergencies during her time working for the recital costume company Dansco. “We’ve had studios flood, trains derail, Lucy’s costume doesn’t fit on Wednesday and the show is on Saturday,” she says. As a studio owner, you’re no stranger to the special set of potential problems that competitions […]