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Sickling Is More Than Just a Technique Problem. Here’s How to Fix It.

Some elements of dance technique are purely a matter of aesthetics. Others are a matter of preventing injury, and some are a combination of both. Teaching dancers to avoid sickling is a great example of one of these dual-purpose technical concerns.  If a dancer is in the habit of sickling their feet in non-weight-bearing positions, […]

Use Sur le Cou-de-pied to Shape Dancers' Feet

Working with a 9-year-old student, Alexandra Koltun asks the young girl to face the barre. She reviews fifth position, demi-pointe with the front foot and coupé devant. “I separate all the positions, so the student understands each one,” says Koltun, founder and artistic director of Koltun Ballet Boston. She reaches down to shape the girl’s […]