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3 Easy (and Dancer-Approved) Recipes for Nights On the Go

In an “ideal” world, we, as parents, manage to plan meals, then prep and set perfectly portioned plates for all family members at dinnertime each weeknight. But whose reality is that? Instead, we’re constantly tackling the after-work shuffle and post-school hustle that typically entails car pools, (more) driving to the dance studio or other practices, […]

How to Help Your Kids Navigate the Stress of Back-to-School and Dance

As temperatures drop and our kids return to the grind of fall routines, it’s completely normal for teens to feel a sense of overwhelm. Thankfully, there is an uptick in discussion surrounding stress and self-care, which point to an increasing awareness and education about mental health needs. So how can you be a first point of support for your teen when the going gets tough?

For Parents: How Can I Support My Son, Who Wants to Dance?

Back-to-school can be a nerve-racking time for male dance students—especially as they approach middle or high school—and for their parents. Fears of bullying, isolation and low self-esteem are valid worry points, and, as parents, we want to do our best to help our kids feel supported and loved—especially in uncertain times. For a first-person account […]

OpEd: Are You Ready to Step Up Your Game When It Comes to Student Safety?

It’s time to talk seriously about safety in dance education. As the physical and psychological demands put on student dancers escalates—thanks to competitions, social media and ever-evolving choreography—there is a pressing need to consider how we can successfully safeguard young dancers. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, we’ve heard numerous accounts of unethical, dangerous […]

3 Small Things Your Studio Can Do to Make Your Millennial Dance Parents Very Happy

Dance studios everywhere are looking for new ways to support the latest generation of dancers and dance parents. These Generation Z-ers and millennials need a little extra to hold their attention and keep them coming back to dance class year in and year out. Aside from strengthening their technique, imbuing their hearts with a passion […]

How to Have a Successful Visitor Observation Week

In 2019, dance parents are more eager than ever to observe their child’s progress, and stay up-to-date with the ins and outs of what’s happening in the classroom. That means yearly recitals aren’t always enough to keep them satisfied—especially if you have rules against visitors observing class from week to week. The solution? Visitor observation […]