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Office Hours With Butler University’s Susan McGuire

“Ballet was my first language; it was my first love,” recalls Butler University dance professor Susan McGuire. But after being moved by a performance of Diversion of Angels by the Martha Graham Dance Company, McGuire pivoted to a career in modern dance, eventually joining the esteemed institution as a soloist in 1973. She went on to […]

Decolonizing Dance: 3 Asian American Dance Educators Reflect on Their Community-Centered Pedagogy

On a cool September evening in Alameda, California, I and over a hundred Bay Area residents gathered in the parking lot of the Alameda Free Library. The innocuous space, seemingly universal in its purpose and design, was once part of a thriving tonarigumi—an historic Japantown neighborhood. As part of a community art walk to honor […]

3 Teachers Share What They Gained From Earning an MFA in Dance

For the aspiring dance professor, the master of fine arts in dance is a baseline hiring requirement. MFAs are also terminal degrees, meaning they’re the highest possible degree offered in fine arts at universities around the world. The achievement launches many candidates not just into academia but also into careers in choreography, performance, arts administration […]

Three University Dance Department Heads Consider How They’ll Return to Classes This Fall

Since March, hundreds of dance majors have been using platforms like Zoom to continue their educations, dancing from the safety of their homes as coronavirus has swept the nation. What many educators initially hoped would be a temporary setback—a few weeks of online learning before a triumphant return to in-person classes—has turned out to be […]

David Roussève Credits His UCLA Students for His Evolution as a Choreographer

David Roussève has spent the last 35 years creating dance theater work that’s both fiercely political and personal. He took on AIDS with The Whispers of Angels (1995), same-sex marriage with Jumping the Broom (2005) and the Twitter generation with Stardust (2014). Dance writer Deborah Jowitt characterizes his work as treading “a fine line…between gritty […]

Barbara Bashaw’s Vision for Bringing Dance Into the National Education Policy Conversation

Barbara Bashaw has always been a pioneer. Since kicking off her career in education by building a dance program from the ground up at an elementary school in Brooklyn, she’s gone on to become an inspiring force in teacher training. Now, as director of the new doctoral program in dance education at Columbia University’s renowned […]