Help! I'm a Dance Parent

Help! I'm a Dance Parent

Q: My tween is begging me to go to a faraway summer intensive, claiming “all my friends are going.” How do I know if she’s ready?A: It can feel like a rite of passage for serious dancers to attend an intensive at a major ballet school. They dance all...

VIDEO: Daddy-Daughter "Problem" Dance

Let’s hear it for dance dads! Especially those who aren’t afraid to bust a move. Just watch this father and daughter costar in a peppy, hip-swinging dance routine in their living room to Ariana Grande’s “Problem.” Get this man in the...

When Parents Question Class Placement Policies

Q: How do you handle class placement policies? I try to factor in both age and talent level, but I often have to deal with irate parents when their kids aren’t placed in the level they want them in. How do you deal with this? A: We do not hold auditions. When a dancer...

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