Do you fundraise to cover competition fees?
December 18, 2017

Q: What kind of fundraisers do you do to cover students’ competition fees, and how do you use the money raised?

A: Let’s face it—competitive dance is a big financial investment. We have a not-for-profit committee, Parents Supporting Competitive Dancers (PSCD). It’s run by volunteer studio parents. At the beginning of the dance season, PSCD has a meeting with interested parents outlining the fundraisers planned for the upcoming year. This year’s fundraising events included selling chocolates, pumpkins and poinsettias; 50/50 raffles at Christmas; selling studio wear; a golf tournament; pub night; barbecues; bake sales; and a bingo night.

Participation in the program is completely voluntary, but participating dancers must pay a nominal fee and support events in order to reap the financial benefits. Funds can be applied wherever the parents want. It’s made a big difference for some families. Plus, every PSCD dancer receives 25 percent off their summer dance intensive fees—which helps keep our students dancing throughout the summer and gives our teaching staff summer income.

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