Letter from the Editor: On Preserving and Protecting the Legacy of Dance

Dear DT+ Community,  Among the many joys we experience as dance educators, it’s the ability to instill in our students a deeper meaning and appreciation for the art form, that is perhaps most fulfilling. That’s why I’m so excited for you to read this month’s feature on how master hula teachers known as “Kumu Hula” […]

Decolonizing Dance: 3 Asian American Dance Educators Reflect on Their Community-Centered Pedagogy

On a cool September evening in Alameda, California, I and over a hundred Bay Area residents gathered in the parking lot of the Alameda Free Library. The innocuous space, seemingly universal in its purpose and design, was once part of a thriving tonarigumi—an historic Japantown neighborhood. As part of a community art walk to honor […]

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