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Props and Equipment to Strengthen Technique for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers

Cross-training is key for developing strong, well-rounded dance technique and reducing risk of injury. This has only become truer in the era of pandemic shutdowns, when many dancers are returning to their full training schedules after forced breaks and may still be looking at periods of quarantine following COVID exposures. By investing in some props, […]

It’s Time to Join DanceTeacher+!

Dear Dance Colleagues, Are you seeking new ways to develop your students’ technical skills and artistic range? Do you need professional advice on supporting their mental health and physical well-being? Would you like on-the-go musical inspiration for your classes? If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s time to join DanceTeacher+!  As a DT+ […]

The Dance Teacher’s Guide to Side Hustles

Contemporary teacher Brandon Coleman knows a thing or two about side hustles. Not only is he now a career coach for dancers, but in the past he’s walked dogs, served pizza, delivered wine, donated plasma and done social media work at various points alongside his dance work. “We look for side hustles when we’re trying […]

Why Different Dance Shoes Call for Different “Pre-Hab”

Whether you teach ballet, contemporary, tap or hip-hop, you and your students might be all too familiar with wearing a variety of dance shoes when it comes to training and performing. Which means that it’s especially important to train your students’ feet to adapt to these different movement styles. Each dance shoe, whether it’s pointe […]

How to Help Your Students Master Wings in Tap

“Lift!” That’s what tap artist Josh Hilberman heard week after week from one of his tap instructors as he was learning wings. After a year of practice, Hilberman mastered the famous flash step, and years later even created an instructional DVD teaching advanced wing work. Hilberman, who runs a tap studio and performance space in […]

Kumu Hula Share How They Are Preserving the Legacy of Hula for the Next Generation

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many throughout the dance industry gathered to discuss ways to navigate the challenges of the time while keeping everyone’s health and well-being at the forefront. The hula community was no different, and on August 17, 2020, an advocacy-based coalition of “kumu hula,” or hula teachers, convened to discuss a […]

Erica Lynette Edwards on Creating an Anti-Racist Learning Environment

Erica Lynette Edwards wants to change the conversations we have about racism within the dance community and beyond. As a multifaceted artist in Chicago concert dance, Edwards has had a career that includes 15 years as a dancer and five and a half years as the director of community engagement with the Joffrey Ballet. Today, as […]

Lacey Schwimmer Is on a Mission to Make Ballroom Accessible for Everyone

Ballroom phenomenon Lacey Schwimmer was born into a dance empire. Her parents, Buddy Schwimmer and Laurie Kauffman, are noted choreographers, dancers and teachers in the industry. (Laurie got her start as a classical dancer, Buddy got his in ballroom.) Together they opened a studio, choreographed for film and television, and did just about everything in […]

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