Letter from the Editor: Celebrating Our Role Models 
July 5, 2022

Dear DT+ Community, 

Who inspired you to become a dance educator? 

Chances are, you had a special dance teacher growing up—someone who first opened your eyes to the joy of dance or who saw you hiding in the back row and helped you grow your confidence. 

At Dance Teacher, we’ve found a way to give these role models the recognition they deserve with our much-loved 2022 Dance Teacher Awards. On August 18, you’re invited to join us as we honor eight extraordinary educators at an in-person ceremony in downtown NYC. Get your tickets now and join the community in celebrating these outstanding dance educators. I hope to see you there! 

Speaking of role models, I’m sure many of you might be mentors for your own students as they follow the path towards becoming teachers themselves. This month, writer Thomas Ford speaks with three dance educators about the methods they use to guide their students towards becoming effective, engaging educators. 

Another article I’m especially eager for you to read this month addresses how dance schools across the country are harboring humanity in the face of rising gun violence. Writer Emily Gordillo investigates what it takes to keep our students safe while teaching an art form that is rooted in freedom, and how to continue keeping dance open to the community when the physical studio doors may be locked.

As temperatures continue to rise, July also seems like the perfect time to discuss two important Health & Body topics: body odor and hydration. We’re bringing you professional advice on how to tactfully broach the sensitive issue of body odor with your students and learn how to formulate a personal hydration plan that is both manageable and practical so you can avoid experiencing constant muscle soreness and fatigue. 

In this month’s Technique & Artistry column, we’re discussing the expressive power of spinal articulation. Nearly all dance movement stems from their spine, and in this article, you’ll get expert advice on how to help your students access nuanced movement in their backs and beyond.

Our dance history profile this month spotlights Kermit Love—creator of several famous “Sesame Street” Muppets that won him worldwide appreciation. Love was also one of the world’s most gifted costume designers who worked with some of the greatest choreographers, including George Balanchine, Robert Joffrey, Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins and Twyla Tharp.

For our latest playlist column, American Ballet Theatre principal Skylar Brandt shares how she passes on her musical finesse to her students, and why she gravitates towards fun, uplifting songs and piano covers that her students are familiar with.

Later this month, we’re also taking you across the world to South Korea where writer Garth Grimball explores how the growing K-pop fandom has led to the rise of K-pop dance classes and academies for young people who are on the quest towards becoming the next global superstar. 

And finally, I’m thrilled to announce that DanceTeacher+ will be launching a brand-new Lesson Plan column in August where we’ll be sharing step-by-step instructions for teaching a wide range of movement concepts and combinations from experienced master teachers in various dance styles including ballet, tap, hip hop, modern and more.

I’m also delighted to be hosting our first-ever DanceTeacher+ members discussion on Zoom on Monday, August 8 (time TBD), where you’ll have the opportunity to meet your fellow DT+ members, chat about issues in the dance education world and explore what’s coming up on DT+. Registration link coming soon, so stay tuned! 

With excitement,
Reanne Rodrigues

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