The Ailey School's Karen Arceneaux Teaches Horton's Lateral Ts
June 1, 2017

The lateral T is a hallmark of Horton technique. When executed correctly, the body resembles the letter T: The torso tilts to 90 degrees, and the opposite leg extends for counterbalance.

For a more advanced version of this staple movement, Karen Arceneaux has students continue tilting past 90 degrees to create a low lateral T before diving to the floor, further demonstrating the clear lines and physical strength central to Horton.

Karen Arceneaux earned her BFA from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and has studied at the American Dance Festival and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. After graduating from The Ailey School, she served as the school’s administrator from 1999–2004 before joining the faculty. She founded her own troupe, Genesis Dance Company, and is a certified personal trainer and Zumba instructor, teaching regularly at Ailey Extension in New York City.

Whitney Janis is a first-year student in the Ailey professional division.

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