#WhyNotWednesday: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching
December 9, 2015

We’re currently in that odd frame of time where the holidays—and the relaxation time/return of our sanity—feel so close and yet so far away. Need some #WhyNotWednesday inspiration to put you over the hump this week? These three videos feature dancers giving their all with plenty of sass and nary a care in the world.

This kid is rocking the moves to AronChupa’s “I’m an Albatraoz” in what appears to be a department store, oblivious to passersby who seem stunned by his attention to detail. (Slay level: master.) Somebody get this kid in dance classes, if he’s not already!

Twelve-year-old Meg has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair-bound, but that hasn’t stopped her from dancing—even with the added obstacle of 17 steps up to her dance studio. She eventually mastered the staircase, and now the studio is telling her story. Through dance, of course.

And these lil bits. These kids will be inspiration, post-holidays, to work off the treats I’ve been sampling (gorging myself on). Plus, anything that shows people dancing to Missy Elliott’s “WTF (Where They From)” is tops on my list.

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