We're Headed to L.A.!
July 1, 2015

An unofficial westward migration is quietly taking place these days. If New York City is the dance capital of the U.S., then Los Angeles is its summer vacation home. The East Coast/West Coast debate is nothing new, of course. But as prominent as NYC is for concert dance and live musical theater, L.A., with its entertainment/media industry, is the place to be for commercial dancers.

Among L.A.’s newest residents is the beloved former New York City Ballet principal Jenifer Ringer and her husband James Fayette. We’re celebrating Ringer’s artistry and career this month with the Dance Teacher Lifetime Achievement Award. In “L.A. Story,” West Coast writer Caitlin Sims fills us in on Ringer’s new passion as director of the Colburn Dance Academy.

Speaking of summer vacations, Ringer will accept her award later this month at our Dance Teacher Summit, which takes place this year in, yes, California! Long Beach, to be exact. We’re excited to meet some of our more Pacific-leaning readers closer to their own turf. You’ll see a bit of geographic bias to the DT Awards this year, as well, when you read the inspirational stories of the four educators who will accept their awards along with Ringer.

No matter where your location, the Dance Annual Directory is a resource you’ll find useful year-round. It’s an easy-to-use compilation of all the products and services you need for your studio business—all in one place.

I hope to see you in Long Beach, July 28–30—the Dance Teacher Summit is where the pages of the magazine come to life. But never fear, the event will return to NYC next year. As will our intrepid editors—just in time for hot and sticky August in NYC.


Photo by Matthew Murphy

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