Watching the Derby as a Dance Fan
May 4, 2012

Just chasse-ing down the track…



I am not an avid fan of horse racing, but I do enjoy watching the Kentucky Derby, and I think it’s for similar reasons that I like watching premiere ballet dancers. When I go to a dance performance like the YAGP gala we attended as a staff last week, I find myself drooling over the dancers’ perfection. I am in awe of their feet, their muscles, their unbelievable lines and extensions. These are the best of the best, I think, and man does it show when they move.


I am drawn to the Derby in the exact same way. Those horses—and I am not even a horse person—are gorgeous. That musculature, the proportions, the strong slender legs. It’s the whole package. These horses were not only trained for racing, but built for it. Just like those elite primas with their other-worldly abilities. And when they run, they look like well-oiled machines (not the artists that dancers are, but every bit the technicians). Their legs hardly touch the ground; it’s really amazing to see. If you haven’t yet, I definitely recommend watching it. Grab your fancy hats, mix up some mint juleps and check out the Derby tomorrow! You won’t be disappointed.



Photo: Bodemeister, the early favorite to win the 2012 Kentucky Derby


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