Technology: Square
August 30, 2013


Portable POS System

Its small credit-card reader looks innocent, but Square is a POS powerhouse—and it got a few updates recently. At its most basic, the free app/account for iPhone, iPad and Android provides users with a Square Reader that plugs into mobile devices to accept credit and debit card payments; businesses pay a 2.75 percent per swipe fee or monthly $275 flat rate. The system saves inventory information on the app and provides sales data summaries. Completely portable, it can move from the front desk to the dancewear store, recital booths and fundraisers. It’s also especially handy for freelance teachers who rent their own space.

New is Business in a Box, a boxed kit for the iPad that includes two Square Readers, iPad holder and cash drawer for $249, or $499 with a receipt printer. (Transaction fees still apply.) Also recently launched is an online store option that allows customers to access goods or services through web ordering and payment.

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