Technology: RoboForm
October 1, 2013


Password management software

Your studio’s online accounts, like banking, Facebook and e-mail, each demand their own secure password. But the tricky mix of numbers, signs and upper and lowercase letters can be difficult to remember, and keeping them on a Post-it or in a Word document on your computer isn’t safe. Highly encrypted to protect your information, RoboForm is free software that saves up to 10 usernames and passwords. Open the program with one master password, and a bookmark bar appears on your browser to fill in site logins with one click. It also has a high-security password generator and saves your mailing address, phone number and e-mail address for quickly filling out registration and shipping forms. There are more advanced versions of the software available ($9.95–$29.95) that hold an unlimited number of passwords and sync with multiple computers, smartphones and tablets.

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