Technology: Google Analytics
June 1, 2016

Google Analytics

Web analytics service; free

Don’t let technological jargon scare you away—Google Analytics can tell you a lot about how people interact with your studio website. It’s free to use and simple to set up: Visit, sign up and follow the step-by-step instructions. Worried about data overload? Try focusing on something specific, like how people find your site.

Stop guessing what words customers (or potential customers) search to find your site—learn exactly what keywords are connecting you and your clients, and then feature those keywords more prominently in your online marketing materials.

Discover the location of your demographic. Most owners assume web searches are coming from families living in the city where their studio is located—and advertise accordingly—but that isn’t always the case. See where searches originate, and use this data to expand your advertising locations.

Find out which of your website pages and links receive the most clicks. For instance, though your preschool program might be popular, that link could be difficult to find. Alter your website design as needed to make things easier for your customers.


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