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Watch DT+ Teacher Talk: How to Maximize Your Students’ Turnout Potential With Deborah Vogel

Watch this hour-long conversation with movement analyst and neuromuscular educator Deborah Vogel to gain expert insights into the mechanics of turnout, tips for injury prevention, and step-by-step exercises for enhancing turnout that you can implement in your studio or classroom. About Deborah Vogel Deb has been active in the dance medicine field since 1978. Her […]

Turnout 101: Where Does It Come From, and How Can You Get More?

Turnout is one of the defining characteristics of classical ballet and the foundation of your technique, but the deceptively simple concept of external rotation can be hard to execute. For those born with hip joints that don’t naturally make a tight fifth position, it’s tempting to take shortcuts in the quest for more rotation, but […]

How Irene Dowd Teaches Anatomy Through Movement

Irene Dowd’s third-year students at The Juilliard School sound more like they’re in medical school than a dance class, citing complex kinesiology terms and muscle names, like multifidus and iliocostalis. But instead of memorizing the vocabulary with index cards and textbooks, the students in Dowd’s anatomy/kinesiology class come ready to move. “Motor-learning specialists have found […]

Let These Insta Posts Keep You Pumped for the Year Ahead

There’s no such thing as too much inspiration, right? Right! Here are some inspiring posts to keep your motivation for the year ahead high, flexible and balanced, or whatever your New Year’s goals may be. Dance photographer @jordanmatter’s post is a good reminder to bend over backwards in 2020 (but only if you’re feelin’ it). […]