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Lacey Schwimmer Is on a Mission to Make Ballroom Accessible for Everyone

Ballroom phenomenon Lacey Schwimmer was born into a dance empire. Her parents, Buddy Schwimmer and Laurie Kauffman, are noted choreographers, dancers and teachers in the industry. (Laurie got her start as a classical dancer, Buddy got his in ballroom.) Together they opened a studio, choreographed for film and television, and did just about everything in […]

Jaimie Goodwin Made Us A Teaching Playlist—And Shared Her Secrets to Finding New Music

For Jaimie Goodwin, finding new music is like a scavenger hunt. Using Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature (which recommends new music based on her preferences), she will spend a day listening to playlists, exploring new artists and waiting for inspiration to strike. “I’ll play a ton of songs until one absolutely moves me and I have […]

Nigel Lythgoe on What's Happening with "SYTYCD" and National Dance Day This Year

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is still very much part of our reality. What does that mean for two of the most highly-anticipated dance events of the year: the 17th season of summer-TV staple “So You Think You Can Dance,” and National Dance Day, planned for September 19th? We caught up with the […]

Hannahlei Cabanilla's Time on "SYTYCD" Changed Her Life

Deep in the throes of “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 16, the euphoria of summertime and live shows is causing us to reflect on seasons past. While much has undergone change since the show’s inception—movement trends, choreographers, dancers, judges and fashion—the positive impact it has on the trajectory of the winner’s future remains […]

DT's Award of Distinction Goes to Nigel Lythgoe for His Vision of Dance on TV

Nigel Lythgoe makes it clear that he is not a dance teacher. The one time he was invited as a student to teach little kids, he scared the hell out of them. He was impersonating a jack-in-the-box, and when the kids approached, he jumped up and shrieked. “Three of the little girls ran off,” says […]