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From Educators to Entrepreneurs: How 3 Former Teachers Became Branding Coaches for Dance Studios

Imagine being a dancer teacher, business owner, social media manager and website designer, plus any other role your dance studio requires. Sound familiar? Many studio owners wear lots of hats when it comes to running their businesses, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Meet three educators-turned-entrepreneurs who are using their knowledge to help […]

Dance Business Owners: 10 Employee Benefits Your Staff Will Actually Care About

Struggling with staff retention? Try offering one of these 10 employee benefits that your staff will genuinely appreciate. With employee shortages and retention issues widespread, dance businesses—studios and retail stores alike—need a competitive edge in order to make them attractive places to work. One way to keep your staff happy and productive? Be picky about […]

All the Basics on Getting Started With Your Retirement Saving

Whether you’re a dance solopreneur or a dance business with employees, here are some options for where to accumulate your retirement savings and the tax advantages to be had along the way. It’s never too early, or too late, to begin building a retirement fund. The sooner you start, of course, the easier it will […]

Don’t Make This Common Entrepreneurial Mistake—Not Saving for Retirement

Here’s how to fix that now—however small your business or modest your income. It especially pays off to start sooner rather than later, but anytime is a better time than never. The future has a way of creeping up, and before you know it, you’re at retirement age. Are you prepared financially to enjoy a […]

Keep Your Talent: How Managers of Dance Businesses Can Combat “The Great Resignation”

If you’re a dance studio owner, you may have started to breathe a little easier lately as operations have stabilized after almost two years of pandemic upheaval. So news of “The Great Resignation” is disconcerting. More than 19 million workers (and counting) have quit their jobs since April 2021, according to McKinsey & Company, and […]

Hey, Studio Owners: Now’s the Time to Overhaul Your Floor-Cleaning Protocol

The current pandemic has studio owners everywhere rethinking business as usual. One dirty little secret that’s been exposed? Before COVID-19, many of us weren’t giving our floors nearly enough attention. As Derryl Yeager, founder and artistic director of Odyssey Dance Theatre in Draper, UT, says, “A lot of times, the floor wouldn’t be deep-cleaned more […]

This Is the Way Forward

Business leader Misty Lown convened (remotely) more than 700 dance studio owners to create an action plan in response to COVID-19 studio closures. ICYMI, here are the takeaways: Studios can deliver value to customers with online content. Owners can preserve enrollment with caring communication. The federal stimulus package is a strong short-term safety net. At […]

Ask the Experts: How Do I, as a Beginning Studio Owner, Recruit Students?

Q: What tips do you have for beginning studio owners on recruiting students? I’m just starting out and am not sure where to begin. A: When we first opened we didn’t have a lot of cash for advertising, so during the summer we approached several preschools about conducting a 30-minute intro-to-dance class, free of charge. […]

How to Open Your Own Studio After Spending Years Teaching for Others

Jessica Kubat’s path to becoming a studio owner wasn’t typical or glamorous or the product of a family business, handed down. When she opened MJ’s House of Dance in Lindenhurst, New York, this past summer, she had just turned 40, was a mom of three, and had worked at two different studios long-term. Over the […]