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How Antoine Hunter Teaches an Urban Jazz Center-Phrase With Sign Language

In Antoine Hunter’s jazz class, students inevitably pick up sign language just by virtue of being his student. Though he doesn’t typically incorporate ASL into his class combos, this dynamic phrase, which is one of his favorites, includes four signs: “heart,” ” re,” “gone” and “deaf.” How Antoine Hunter Teaches an Urban Jazz Center-Phrase With […]

Dance Teachers Unite at the Dance Teacher Summit

“When we come together and start talking, everyone starts sharing so much and it’s just great. That’s my favorite thing to do all year long.” —Denise Wall, Dance Teacher Summit Ambassador For years the Dance Teacher Summit has been offering opportunities for studio owners and dance instructors of all levels to work with world-renowned faculty […]

Ask Deb: Is Running a Safe Cross-Training Option for Professional Dancers?

Is it OK to include running, leisurely walking or speed walking in an advanced/professional ballerina’s exercise routine? Absolutely! Advanced and professional dancers know the importance of cardiovascular fitness. Running, speed walking, swimming, Nordic tracking and the elliptical (my personal favorite) are all OK cross-training options for elite dancers. I don’t necessarily advise dancers to run […]

4 Tips for Higher Extensions (Without Whacked Hips)

When Tracie Stanfield teaches contemporary class at Broadway Dance Center, she often includes choreographed stretch combinations. Dancers might move from a contraction into a lateral bend and then to a cambré back, before repeating it all on the other side. “I try to maximize their range of motion,” says Stanfield. “It’s my responsibility to get […]