10 Dance Videos to Inspire Your Choreography
December 29, 2017

We’ve all been there—standing in front of a sea of eager students, ready to create the next eight counts on them, when our brains decide to shut down. All the creativity we’ve been cultivating in preparation for this choreography session has disappeared, and we are left completely blocked. YIKES! What do we do?? Have the kids take a water break? Review the chorus 20 more times? Cry?

NO! We take a step back. We recharge. We glean inspiration from our previous work. For an extra creative boost, we’ve curated dance videos that are sure bring you back to a place where you can do your best work on your students. Enjoy!

1. “Freddie Falls In Love”

Choreographer: Al Blackstone

3. “Like Real People Do”

Choreographers: Keone & Mari

2. “She Used to Be Mine”

Choreographer: Alexa Moffett

4. “Cry Me A River”

Choreographer: Andrew Winghart

5. “Islands”

Choreographer: Kirsten Russell

6. “Work Song”

Choreographers: Jillian Meyers & Jack Pointer Mackenzie

7. “Wait for Me”

Choreographer: Galen Hooks

8. “Without The Lights”

Choreographer: Phillip Chbeeb

9. “Hidden Inside”

Choreographer: Jessie James

10. “Black Ships”

Choreographer: Chad McCall

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