Ask Deb: Is Running a Safe Cross-Training Option for Professional Dancers?
February 7, 2018

Is it OK to include running, leisurely walking or speed walking in an advanced/professional ballerina’s exercise routine?

Absolutely! Advanced and professional dancers know the importance of cardiovascular fitness. Running, speed walking, swimming, Nordic tracking and the elliptical (my personal favorite) are all OK cross-training options for elite dancers.

I don’t necessarily advise dancers to run daily in addition to taking class and rehearsal, but cross-training in some way at least three to four times per week is a good thing. Because of its intensity, running has gotten a bad rap over the years. It’s important that dancers understand that running itself isn’t inherently bad, but if they run with alignment or biomechanical problems with their feet, they are more vulnerable to injuries.

To your success,

Deborah Vogel

Director, The Body Series

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