July 2016
July 1, 2016

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  • Role Models

    By Karen Hildebrand

  • DT Awards Lifetime Achievement: Robert Battle

    By Karen Hildebrand

  • The 2016 Dance Teacher Awards

    By Rachel Rizzuto, Nancy Wozny and Rachel Caldwell

  • Tamii Sakurai: How I Teach Tap

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Ask the Experts: Getting Parents on Board

    By Joanne Chapman

  • Face to Face: Stefanie Batten Bland

    By Rachel Rizzuto

  • Teachers’ Tools: Bryn Cohn

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Music: Keith Clifton

    By Alyssa Marks

  • Health: Exercises to Stabilize Lower Legs

    By Andrea Marks

  • History: Alvin Ailey

    By Rachel Caldwell

  • Theory & Practice: Motivating Students Who Aren’t Front and Center

    By Julie Diana

  • Higher Ed: 4 Myths About Ballet Degrees, Busted

    By Kat Richter

  • Studio Business: 3 Ways to Make Your Summer Break Count

    By Rachel Rizzuto

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