Have You Seen the Latest Sia Video, Starring Maddie Ziegler?
March 23, 2016

Another season, another Sia video starring Maddie Ziegler. Not that we’re complaining—we’re loving the Ryan Heffington-Ziegler-Sia trifecta that’s given us  “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart.” (And if you’re more of a Heffington purist, you no doubt love his work for Arcade Fire’s “Anna,” with none other than…Emma Stone.)

The new video is for “Cheap Thrills,” and, like the others, Sia’s practically nonexistent and Ziegler’s in a nude leotard. There are some great moments in this one—I’m personally hoping Heffington releases another video breaking down his choreography (like he did for “Chandelier”). For now, look for what I’m calling The Hyper Snaps and the Where’d My Monocle Go? moves.

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