DT on Dance Moms: The Sneak
July 11, 2012

This week Christi and Kelly’s unfounded disregard for Abby Lee Miller’s choreography rose to another level. When Paige curiously wasn’t given any rehearsal time for her solo (the TV producers had nothing to do with this, I’m sure), Kelly jumped at the opportunity to test her own dance-making chops and tweak Abby’s choreography. The result? Fifteen seconds of pure laughter as we watch the untrained and most likely tipsy mother attempt to demonstrate a body roll and add in a fan-kick. (The longterm result? Little Paige learns it’s OK to disrespect teachers.)


But the highlight of the episode was Abby’s group routine. The choreography was stunning—it even brought the tough-as-nails Christi to tears! The dance, “Land Unforgiven,” was clear, simple and showed a fresh and mature side of the 9 to 11-year-olds. I was surprised Abby’s team didn’t place higher; though we didn’t get to see the real competition.


Abby’s “Land Unforgiven” had all the right ingredients for winning choreography. Want the recipe? Read “Bringing Home the Trophy,” in which Kelley Burke, owner of the winning studio Westchester Dance Academy, Mandy Moore, Joey Dowling and other top choreographers offer their special elements for creating flavorful and unique competition dances.



Maddie shows the perfect reaction to Kelly’s brilliant choreography.

Photo courtesy of Lifetime TV.

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