Dance for Burma Founder Recovering
October 5, 2012

Dance Britain for Burma founder Ben Hammond has been delayed on his dancing tour across the United Kingdom after being hit by a car. 


With the goal of raising money and awareness for Burma, a country burdened by violent military dictatorship, Hammond has been dancing since August 13 (in his signature yellow tutu) across 1,400 miles of the U.K. He intends to visit 14 different cities  to raise money for organizations that provide everything from immediate relief in Burmese refugee camps to efforts in securing higher education for the country’s youth. Hammond chose dance as the medium for his cause because, he says, it is a universal symbol of freedom.


Hammond and a cyclist were struck by a car in Polsham near Wells on Wednesday night. He is in the hospital being treated for cuts and bruises, but he is expected to be on his way shortly, set to finish his dancing journey during the next two weeks. Go, Ben!


Read more about Dance for Burma at

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