Tag: technique & artistry

How Shelly Hutchinson Helps Dancers Find Their “Million-Dollar Jump”

In contemporary teacher Shelly Hutchinson’s jumps and turns classes at Broadway Dance Center in New York City, she often asks her students to find their “million-dollar jump.” “Where’s the jump that’s going to make you rich? Where’s the jump that’s going to make you believe in yourself?,” she asks. That’s because, for Hutchinson, jumping high […]

How to Help Your Dancers Fully Embody Character Onstage—Even the Ones They Struggle to Relate to

Telling a cohesive story in a ballet is no easy task. After all, ballets don’t typically come with a script for an audience to follow, so it’s entirely up to the dancers to make sure the viewer understands what’s going on via dance. Plus, some of ballet’s most beloved characters—swans, fairies, sylphs—are often the hardest […]

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