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Video: Using Visualization to Enhance Your Lessons with Ranee Ramaswamy

In this video tutorial, Ranee Ramaswamy, founder and co-artistic director of Ragamala Dance Company, demonstrates how an intentional use of visualization can help dancers convey a story and develop a deeper understanding of technique, artistry, and how their bodies move in space. For tips on incorporating visualization in class, read the full-length article here.

No More Wandering Eyes: How to Help Students Develop a Strong Focus

In dance, the eyes rarely receive the same attention as the feet or the back. And yet, says Ragamala Dance Company founder and bharatanatyam teacher Ranee Ramaswamy, “when someone uses their eyes well, you feel they are dancing for you.” Indeed, when wielded with intention and clarity, the eyes can be a powerful tool for […]

Aparna Ramaswamy Is a Doris Duke Artist Award Recipient

Congratulations to Aparna Ramaswamy (DT, February 2016)! The co-artistic director of Ragamala Dance Company has been awarded the 2016 Doris Duke Artist Award, an honor that comes with a $275,000 grant, $225,000 of which is unrestricted. She is one of seven dance artists chosen this year. In addition to the grant, recipients receive financial and legal […]

Up Next for Ragamala Dance Company

In this month’s issue, we got to know the women of Ragamala Dance Company in Minneapolis: Ranee, Aparna and Ashwini Ramaswamy. The mother/daughter team shared their remarkable path to becoming bharata natyam dancers, choreographers and leaders of a thriving company in Minneapolis. Now, the Ragamala dynasty has some exciting performances coming their way. Aparna Ramaswamy […]