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Video: Spotting Effectively with Rachna Nivas

In this video tutorial, kathak dancer and teacher Rachna Nivas demonstrates how to help your students to achieve a strong and confident spot that is crucial for every dance style. To read the full-length article on how to help your students spot with confidence, click here.

Tips to Help Your Students Spot With Confidence

Spotting is as essential as it is difficult to teach. “You can certainly explain it, and you can certainly show it, but it has to come from within,” says kathak dancer and teacher Rachna Nivas. Having a strong, confident spot is especially crucial for Nivas’ kathak students: Dancers in that classical Indian form turn on […]

Smart Spotting

Protect yourself in acro class. Early in her teaching career, Joanne Chapman struggled with regular neck pain and couldn’t figure out what was causing it. “I went to the chiropractor and he said, ‘You must be lifting something really heavy, because your second and third vertebrae are literally compressed together,’” says Chapman, who owns Joanne […]