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Teaching Your Students to Dance Without Music

When Emilie Gerrity performed in Jerome Robbins’ Moves, it was her first time dancing a work without music. “It was super-exciting and just different from anything else I had ever experienced before,” she remembers. Dance and music are deeply interconnected, so it’s likely that dance students might not have much experience performing in silence. But […]

Pearl Lang: Guardian of Martha Graham’s technique

Like a pearl, an artist who can devote herself equally to performing, choreographing, and teaching, is uniquely rounded. Pearl Lang (1921–2009) was such a person, and she made no hierarchical distinctions in her three-pronged career. Lang’s devotion to her craft led her to become one of the mid-century’s most heralded modern dancers and choreographers, famous […]

Martha Graham: American Modern Dance Pioneer

One of the most influential choreographers of the 20th century, Martha Graham (1894–1991) helped lead the American modern dance revolution, breaking from the traditions of classical ballet as well as the romantic style of earlier modern dance pioneers. The Pennsylvania native came to dance relatively late: At 22 she began studying with Ruth St. Denis […]

Martha Graham Dancer So Young An Talks About The Eve Project

Martha Graham Dance Company created The EVE Project to mark the upcoming 100th anniversary of U.S. women’s right to vote. The female-focused initiative includes new works, as well as the company’s classic repertoire highlighting Martha Graham’s heroines and antiheroines. In April, the company is showing the newly reconstructed Circe, Graham’s 1963 interpretation of the Greek […]

ICYMI: Grease Turned 40! Did You Know It Was Choreographed by a Graham Dancer?

Forty years ago, the movie musical Grease introduced audiences around the world to Grease lightning and an iconic hand jive. Would anyone guess now that all those unforgettable rock-n’-roll style dances were choreographed by a former Martha Graham Dance Company soloist? (Was John Travolta actually in a contraction?) Choreographer Patricia Birch, better known as Pat, […]

3 Fun Facts About the Mother of Modern Dance (That You Probably Don’t Know)

Martha Graham was the “Mother of Modern Dance,” influencing generations of dance artists with her incomparable choreography and technique that featured the pioneering concept of contraction and release. But did you know… 1. Graham frequently created her own costumes. In a 1989 interview, Graham commented, “Dance is theater and larger than life. Makeup and costume, […]