Custom Team Apparel: Now With Hassle-Free Ordering
April 16, 2018

Schedules, routines, parents, music and so much more—there’s plenty on your plate already. Why mess with the headache of collecting orders and cash if you don’t have to? MoveU can take that off of your hands entirely with their Online Stores. Create beautiful one-of-a-kind designs with their designers and watch your store come to life! How much does the set-up cost? Nothing! In fact, you earn 10% back on all orders your dancers make in that store.

How do you start? MoveU has three handy steps to help you begin!

Step 1: Your Vision

First, fill out their Request Form. Afterwards MoveU will reach out to help you through the process. Let them know the items you are going to add to your store and what customizations you want to make. The clearer the details provided are, the quicker their designers can get everything ready for you. MoveU recommends picking 6 items or less: here’s why.

Step 2: Work With a Designer

An expert MoveU designer will begin work with you on your designs. This can take some time, as MoveU wants to ensure your unique style stands out from the crowd! Be sure to respond swiftly in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Step 3: Promote Your Store

You’re all set! MoveU has created your store and your designs are ready for your dancers. They will send you the link to your store for you to share. MoveU also provides marketing materials to help you boost your store and meet the required minimum of 6 orders per item. Bonus! The more orders they make, the more you will be rewarded! Learn more about MoveU store rewards.

Excited yet? Teams across the nation have turned to MoveU to bring their style to the next level. Work one-on-one with real designers to create your perfect look this year! These designs can get as wild or as straightforward as you like, since MoveU provides hundreds of customizable designs to choose from. Start your Online Store today!

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