Ask the Experts: How Do I, as a Beginning Studio Owner, Recruit Students?
March 10, 2020

Q: What tips do you have for beginning studio owners on recruiting students? I’m just starting out and am not sure where to begin.

A: When we first opened we didn’t have a lot of cash for advertising, so during the summer we approached several preschools about conducting a 30-minute intro-to-dance class, free of charge. I paid two of my recreational teachers to teach the classes, and the preschools let us hand out advertising postcards. We did the same type of thing at the local gymnastics club and figure-skating clubs with the teachers for our competitive dancers. To this day the preschools still ask us to come in and teach a class, and the gym and skating clubs both use our teachers to help with their programs.

These intro-to-dance classes spread the word, and were very beneficial when we started registration in August. I also recommend involving yourself in as many community events as possible. Parades and community shows all help people learn about your studio.

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