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Studio Reno Success Story: Harlequin Floors and Studio Bleu Dance Center

When Ashburn, Virginia–based Studio Bleu Dance Center remodels one of its studios, owner Kimberly Rishi says that quality and loyalty guide the decision to use Harlequin Floors. In fact, the nearly 40-year-old studio has been a Harlequin customer since its founding, and Rishi anticipates the relationship will continue for years to come. “We’re definitely Harlequin people,” […]

Supportive Flooring Is—Literally—the Key to Help Your Dancers Bounce Back Post-Pandemic

After making the most out of dancing in living rooms, driveways and basements, dancers have a newfound appreciation of the little things, like mirrored walls, sturdy barres and, especially, supportive flooring. In fact, the quality of the studios dancers are so excited to return to will directly affect how quickly they restore both their technical […]

Hey, Studio Owners: Now’s the Time to Overhaul Your Floor-Cleaning Protocol

The current pandemic has studio owners everywhere rethinking business as usual. One dirty little secret that’s been exposed? Before COVID-19, many of us weren’t giving our floors nearly enough attention. As Derryl Yeager, founder and artistic director of Odyssey Dance Theatre in Draper, UT, says, “A lot of times, the floor wouldn’t be deep-cleaned more […]

For Your Studio Floor: Shower Pan Lining as a Cheap Alternative to Marley? Don't Do It

It’s a question that often pops up online in dance teacher forums where studio owners look for creative ways to save money. It may sound tempting to try shower pan lining as vinyl flooring—it’s PVC, just like marley, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple—PVC products are not all created equal. Shower pan lining has a […]

Making a Safe Space for Dance

K–12 teachers go to the mat for proper floors. West Briar Middle School students now dance on aresilient surface, thanks to their teacher Lynn Reynolds. Teaching dance in a K–12 setting often means holding classes in hallways or cafeterias, sharing space with other student groups or dealing with ceilings that are too low for jumps. […]