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"Good Morning America" Host Apologizes for Comments About Ballet, Interviews Male Dancers on Air. It's a Start.

On this morning’s edition of “Good Morning America,” host Lara Spencer did what the dance community has been clamoring for since last Thursday, when her flippant comments about Prince George enjoying ballet lessons provoked widespread outrage: She apologized live on air. “The comment I made about dance was insensitive, it was stupid, and I am […]

“Good Morning America” Thinks It’s Totally Acceptable to Laugh at a 6-Year-Old for Taking Ballet

When the news broke that Prince George, currently third in line for the British throne, would be continuing ballet classes as part of his school curriculum this year, we were as excited as anyone. (OK, maybe more excited.) This was not, it seems, a sentiment shared by “Good Morning America” host Lara Spencer. On yesterday’s […]

Watch What This Dance Company Did for National Bullying Prevention Month

In schools across the country, October is National Bullying Prevention Month. MusEffect, a non-profit that raises awareness of current issues through performance, created its own public service announcement to contribute to the movement. The short film highlights the pain of cyberbullying, a serious concern for today’s tech-loving teens. Choreographed by Muse founder Jessica Starr, the […]

Breaking Silence

An anti-bullying program helps high school students find their voices. Andrew Nemr’s tap show for schools addresses bullying. Standing at a microphone, a young woman relives a scene that tormented her throughout her school life: classmates mocking her Long Island accent. In another moment, a young man revisits his childhood battle with a misdiagnosis of […]