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Teaching Your Dance Students to Act

According to Kristi DeCaminada, a principal character artist with San Francisco Ballet, acting is one of the most important skills a dancer can possess. “It’s essential to storytelling,” she says. “That’s how we communicate to the audience—it’s the most important part of what we do.” Incorporating some acting lessons into your dance classes—no matter what […]

Dexterous Digits: How to Teach Hand and Finger Articulation and Expressivity

In flamenco, the hands and fingers play many different roles. Clapping, snapping, body percussion, slower movements that complement fast footwork, and even playing an instrument are all tools of the trade, says Xianix Barrera, a Bessie-nominated flamenco dancer and the founder of Xianix Barrera Flamenco Company. Flamenco dancers also use their hands and fingers to […]

Mythili Prakash Is Part of a New Generation of Bharatanatyam Dancers

Bharatanatyam dancer Mythili Prakash is ready to push the boundaries of Indian classical dance. Despite being deeply rooted in the tradition of the genre, she is using her works to question long-held social constructs related to femininity, beauty and mythology. Prakash studied bharatanatyam from childhood under the tutelage of her mother, Viji Prakash. Viji, who […]

Letter from the Editor: On Preserving and Protecting the Legacy of Dance

Dear DT+ Community,  Among the many joys we experience as dance educators, it’s the ability to instill in our students a deeper meaning and appreciation for the art form, that is perhaps most fulfilling. That’s why I’m so excited for you to read this month’s feature on how master hula teachers known as “Kumu Hula” […]

What My Teacher Taught Me: Sahasra Sambamoorthi

Navatman Dance artistic director Sahasra Sambamoorthi studied bharata natyam with Ramya Ramnarayan for 14 years. Ramnarayan taught her how to showcase her individual strengths. “She works with the person in front of her. She doesn’t try to make us all the same dancer. There’s a piece she taught me when I was very young that […]